About Life’s Four Stages

As you go through life, your income, accumulated wealth and protecting what matters most to you change.

Below are four of the main stages of life and an overview of how these considerations might change during each stage.

Beacon Point Financial Security Limited :: Introduction to Life's Four Stages

Life Stage 1 – Your Early Career

Building the foundation of your financial security should begin with the start of your career.

Life Stage 2 – Starting a Family

Part of venturing into parenthood includes heavier financial responsibility and protecting and providing for more than just yourself.

Life Stage 3 – The Midlife Years

Once the hard work of raising your family and building your financial foundation is done, it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labour!

Life Stage 4 – Retirement

Your golden years is the time to enjoy your life’s work and fully prepare your estate for efficient transition to those that matter most to you.

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