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We focus on Retirement Income Planning and offer insurance, and investment strategies to individuals, businesses, and families at all states of life.

About BeaconPoint

At BeaconPoint Financial Security Limited, we use a highly personalized approach tailored to those who want to gain a deeper understanding of their personalized strategies and to those who trust we’ll do a great job for them without much of their involvement. Let us light the way to financial security and protecting what matters most to you.

Our Core Values

Integrity: There are many products that we can help you choose from, and we are compensated differently for different products. As an independent brokerage, we’re not biased towards products that earn the highest commissions for us or that we’re pushed to recommend – we always choose the most appropriate products and services that serve our clients' best interests.

Education: While we don’t insist on turning you into financial advisors, many of our clients want to understand more about the financial security strategies we recommend and the different products we set up for them. We’re always happy to take as much time as necessary to help you understand what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. We offer ongoing workshops and seminars that are free where everyone is welcome.

Responsiveness: Your peace of mind is important to us. When you have questions, we’ll always do our best to answer your calls or to quickly respond to any messages or emails. We want to be fully accessible to you so we’ll give you several different ways to get in touch with us, no matter when that is. We want you to feel confident and secure while we help light the way to your financial security.

Full-Service: Your financial security has many facets: your investments, your insurance products, your career, and income, and how you want to transition your estate at your end-of-life. We work with you to provide a comprehensive approach to manage all of these considerations, so you don’t have to worry about keeping several different individuals or organizations fully coordinated or in sync.

Beacon Point office building

Our story

The name BeaconPoint is a reference to the Beacon on top of the Canada Life building where the office is located. BeaconPoint evolved out of London Life and Freedom 55 Financial when Andrew Hoggan and Robert Quinn merged their respective practices and incorporated in 2007. The name symbolizes “Lighting the way to sound financial security” and recognizes the light tower on top of the historic Canada Life Building in Downtown Toronto, where the firm is located.

Our team

When you work with BeaconPoint Financial Security, you’re not just working with a couple of the top financial security experts in the field. We’ve carefully assembled a team of experts in many different fields of personal and corporate finance, investments, and insurance products. Built on our core values of integrity, education, responsiveness, and a complete range of financial services and products, we strive to provide an exceptional experience to every client we work with.