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We focus on Retirement Income Planning and offer insurance, and investment strategies to individuals, businesses, and families at all states of life.

Estate planning

Retirement planning estate planning

At some point, our living journey must come to an end. However, with the right planning and preparation, our memory and legacy can live on with those we love.

Typically, ones estate includes bank accounts, an investment portfolio, insurance policies, business investments, real estate and other types of assets you accumulate in life.

Estate planning allows you to properly prepare your estate to be efficiently transitioned to family, loved ones, charities you wish to continue supporting, and others. When done properly, estate planning can save you and your beneficiaries thousands in taxes and avoid any unnecessary delays.

Give your loved ones the lifelong gift of a once-in-a-lifetime vacation, a move to a bigger home, a post-secondary education fund or other ways your generous legacy can continue.

Let us light the path to, through and beyond your retirement years. We’ll help you live the retirement you dream of and create a legacy of generosity with those you love most. Get in touch, we’d love to connect.