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Individual health benefits

Healthcare benefits to help protect what matters most to you

Individual health benefits

While Canada’s federal and provincial health insurance plans provide some protections, they don’t cover all eventualities. While some get additional healthcare coverage from the companies they work for, many do not, and especially those who work for themselves.

Let us help you get the right coverage to protect you and those that matter most from unexpected dental and medical costs.

Typical benefits coverage

Individual health benefits

There are many different types of benefits for individuals, and the ones that are best for you depend on your personal and family situation, your health history, and other factors. Some of the most popular types of benefits individuals might consider are:

With many providers in the market and endless plans and offers, we’ll help you find the right plan and coverage. Get the coverage you need to protect those who you love at a price you can afford.

Let us guide you along the path to financial security and protecting what matters most to you. Contact us today.

Who needs private health benefits?

Individual health benefits

If you work in an organization that provides employee health and dental benefits as part of your employment and they offer sufficient coverage, you may not need private benefits.

However, if you work for yourself, your employer does not offer health benefit coverage, or if you’re retired, you likely don’t have any such coverage and should consider getting your own private benefits.

You can also get your own benefits coverage if your employee benefits program doesn’t offer the levels or types of coverage that you need. Even with an employee health benefits plan you can still arrange additional coverage for yourself and your family.

Let us assess your current and future situation and guide you along the path to getting the private benefits you need. Let us help you protect what matters most to you.