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Charitable giving

Charitable giving to help organizations & causes that matter most to you

Charitable giving

While large corporate donations often catch the headlines, most charities rely on smaller donations from many supporters to continue operation. Leaving a one-time or recurring contribution to a community charity can help show your continued support even after your passing, and can reduce your living and estate tax situation.

Let us be your guiding light for including a lasting legacy of charitable giving as part of building your financial security.

Giving as part of your financial planning

Charitable giving

While philanthropists donate to charities because they believe in their causes and want them to continue the good work they do, charitable donations reduce your taxable income so can also be used as part of a tax reduction strategy. Even following your passing, including charities you support as a beneficiary of your estate can provide tax relief for your estate.

Here are some common ways people include charitable giving as part of their financial planning strategies:

Let us help light to path to continuing to support the charities that mean so much to you as part of your financial planning strategies. It’s a legacy you deserve.

Changing with the different phases of life

Charitable giving

Your outlook on charitable giving might naturally evolve with the different phases of your life.

In the beginning, with priorities of buying your first house and starting your family, your charitable contributions might align with having extra money in the bank or sharing some of a monetary gift you’ve received. But later, as you have higher levels of discretionary income and see the effects of the work charities do, you might want to make bigger or more frequent donations. As you enter your retirement years, you might wish to support local and community charities with your time and money.

Let BeaconPoint Financial Security light the way to charitable giving along every step of your life journey. We can help you understand how much you can give, and create the right financial security strategies so you can support the charities that matter most to you throughout and even beyond your life.