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When you work with BeaconPoint Financial Security, you’re not just working with a couple of the top financial security experts in the field. We’ve carefully assembled a team of experts in many different fields of personal and corporate finance, investments and insurance products.

Built on our core values of integrity, education, responsiveness and a complete range of financial services and products, we strive to provide an exceptional experience to every client we work with.

Beacon Point Financial Security Limited :: Meet the BeaconPoint Team
BeaconPoint Financial Security Limited | Meet the BeaconPoint Team

Carminda Ferreira

Executive Administration Associate

While Andrew and Jamie are at the leading edge of client meetings and creating the right strategies for building and protecting their financial wealth, Carminda works behind-the-scenes to make sure all the appropriate contracts, agreements, policies and other due diligence is completed efficiently.

Carminda herself is an expert in the financial services sector. She has over 25 years financial industry experience.  She started her career in stock ticket reconciliation with Montreal Trust, then moved to RBC and has gained a holistic understanding of the business operations through several back-office roles. She started with Freedom 55 Financial in April 2013 and is an integral part of the BeaconPoint Financial Security team.

Carminda obtained her ​IFIC license and is engaged in continuing education courses in life insurance and compliance.  She also holds a LOMA certificate in compliance with the intention of attaining her AIRC (Associate Insurance Regulatory Compliance) designation.

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Our Extensive Team of Financial Security Experts

We’ve built an extensive network of industry experts to seamlessly help us through the most challenging and complicated of situations.

1 – Investment Strategy Experts

While our internal team has all the right letters after their names and decades of experience, sometimes there a complex scenarios where additional expertise can help. We have access to highly specialized investment specialists and can bring them into our engagements to ensure our clients are getting the highest caliber of expertise possible.

2 – Insurance Line Experts

Similarly, insurance strategies can get quite complicated, especially when optimizing for an individual’s living years, business investments, succession, estate transition, charity and trust goals, and personal/business tax reduction. We have access to a stable of industry leaders who are more than ready to contribute their expertise to the benefit of our client’s financial security.

3 – Business Organization Experts

The ownership structure of a business has a significant impact on the business and shareholders tax implications. When considering international ownership, succession and estate planning, shareholder dividends, stock options and much more, our business organization experts ensure you’ll stay in full compliance while developing tax and investment optimized strategies.

4 – Business Finance Experts

With complex business organization frameworks comes more complicated business finance strategies. Our business finance experts can efficiently navigate the most complicated business finance situations to ensure owners, shareholders and beneficiaries are protected, minimizing their tax exposure, and maximizing their investment value.

Beacon Point Financial Security Limited :: Our Team of Personal & Business Finance, Investment and Insurance Experts
BeaconPoint Financial Security Limited :: Let Our Team of Financial Advisory Experts Help You Protect What Matters Most to You!

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