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Mike Woods, CFP, CLU, CH.F.C, CHS

Reducing Our Clients Money Related Stress

Mike Woods works hard to ensure clients have the financial protection they need for health hiccups, that their money has the best opportunity to do what they need to get to and through retirement, and we help ensure those left behind are provided for.

Helping reduce one’s money stress for some of the most important times of their life is incredible and humbling. Mike entered the financial planning business in 1998, earned his CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® designation in 2001 and eventually led the Freedom 55 Financial Toronto Central office in 2017 as Regional Director.

Mike is proud to share that he’s an honorary chair for the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation and a Hockey Coach in his community. Since 2013, with the help of Canada Life and their Community Partners’ program, Mike and his supporters have raised more than $250,000 for cancer research in an effort to find more cures in our lifetime!

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    Who Mike Helps

    While Mike is fully capable of helping people through all stages of their personal wealth and business finances journey, below are some of the more common situations he supports his clients through.


    Unfortunately, our education system doesn’t include personal financial literacy, meaning many people don’t learn some of the very basics about how to take care of their personal finances. Add in ever-increasing amounts of student debt and many recent graduates find themselves in a tough position before they even get started.

    Mike helps new grads understand personal budgeting & cashflow, start building their investment portfolio for the retirement they want, and even start saving towards purchasing their first home.

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    When you start a family, you face many financial pressures. You might be early in your career so still working your way up to higher income levels. Starting a family brings in more financial pressure, from day-to-day expenses but also upsizing to a bigger home and starting education savings plans for college or university.

    Mike helps new young families manage increased financial pressures through managing personal budgeting & cashflow, helping them afford a home for their growing family, and creating a strategic investment plan for their children’s education and their retirement.

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    Business Owners

    Because of how federal and provincial tax code is composed, business owners can leverage taking a combined approach to their personal and business finances to create significant tax savings opportunities. As key people in the business, business owners should have more insurance protections for themselves and their business holdings.

    Mike helps business owners find the right investment products so they can enjoy the retirements they work hard for, reduce the amount of taxes they pay, and help them attract the best talent to grow their businesses.

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    As business professionals earn higher incomes, the amount of personal income tax they pay can soar. Furthermore, the taxes they can pay on their high-worth investments can also increase dramatically.

    Mike helps high-income professionals reduce the taxes they pay, prepare their investments for the retirement they’ve worked so hard for, and prepare their estate for a tax-efficient transition to their children, charities they support, and other beneficiaries.

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    Canada is a fertile landscape for local and international investors. A diverse portfolio of stocks & bonds, business holdings, real estate and even emerging cryptocurrencies can provide strong growth through the cyclical ups and downs of the market.

    Mike helps investors manage their investment portfolios for strong growth, protecting against excessive taxes and ensuring the investor and their portfolio are protected and prepare for efficient transition.

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    Mature Individuals

    While people spend decades working hard and carefully building and managing their investments so they can have the retirement they deserve, the work doesn’t stop as soon as they reach their retirement years.

    Mike helps mature individuals manage their investments so they can do the things they want to when they retire, and helps prepare their estates for efficient transition to their children, grand children, charities they support and others that matter most to them.

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    BeaconPoint Financial Security Limited :: Meet Mike Woods, CFP, CLU, CH.F.C., CHS

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